Equifit Replacement Liners


Whether you want a fresh pair ready, or need a custom fit, the Equifit replacement liners ensure you and your horse are always ready to ride. 

The Technical Stuff:

  • Options include;
    • ImpacTeq™ Standard liners form a protective shield upon impact. They conform to the leg for support and absorb extreme concussion and impact. They're antimicrobial, breathable, easy to wash and quick to dry.
    • SheepsWool liners naturally promote breathability, moving excess heat away from the leg, are hypoallergenic and naturally water and odor resistant. Machine wash & line dry

Extended Hind Liners: 

  • Designed for horses with hind interference the Extended Coverage ImpacTeq liners pair with the D-Teq Hind Boots. The liners feature reinforced EverLeather strike zones for added fetlock and pastern protection. ImpacTeq technology disperses pressure points as well as firms to a protective shield upon impact, reducing shock and vibration when interference occurs. The removable liners are breathable, antimicrobial, and easy to wash. Pair with Hind D-Teq Boots.